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List of What We Do:

Growing up in Japan, I always felt like I didn’t know who I was.
I was shy, had low self-confidence, and VERY unhappy.
After many years of fearing judgment from others, I completely lost my own voice and identity.

Moving to Australia at the age of 15, I finally started to discover my true self and I started to feel a little happier.

When I found pole dancing at the age of 21, my life changed.
I used to be so conscious of my unhealthy body. I was SO weak, inflexible, and uncoordinated.

Ever since I touched that pole the first time, I. Got. Hooked.
I couldn’t believe the things my body can achieve through pole dancing.
It was so liberating and most of all, SO FUN!

Fast track to today, I am not who I was 4 years ago.
I am not that weak girl that was lost in life.

I am strong. I am confident. I love who I am.

Through pole dancing, I found my mission in life, and my “why”.
My mission is to give back to the pole community – a place that helped me find my strength and confidence.

I know it’s not easy for you to embrace yourself and be authentic.
I still struggle with it sometimes too, you know.
If you can’t believe in yourself now, I want you to borrow my belief. I believe in you. I’ve been there too.
Remember that your uniqueness is needed in this world, and you are a beautiful individual.

I hope to inspire you to find your confidence through your passion and to “be obsessed” with what you love.

– Chloé.

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