Our Instructors


Fiery Sensual

Sensual yet feisty.
Fluid yet powerful.

Opposed to her flaming passion for
personal development and competitive
figure skating background, Chloé’s
teaching style is all about
encouragement, laughter, and a hint of


Alternative Rock

Bold. Hard. Intoxicating.

Opposed to her cool and electrifying
dance style, Luna is known for the
utmost care and support she has for
her students. 

Ready to Rock n’ Luna?


Mystical Motions

Welcome to the world of Onyxotic.
Known for his very own strikingly
unique style of dance, many are
drawn to his cryptic dance
choreography yet contrastingly sweet
and loveable personality.

Ready to unveil your mysterious side?


Fierce Flow

Energetic and sassy dance style is
“Cheyenne style”.

Satisfying all tastes across all of her
students, many are attracted to her
vibrant dance choreography, and for
the genuine care she has for her


Sexy n' Seductive

Known for his provocative style and
jaw-dropping flexibility,
Mucci will take you to his dreamlike
world –
filled with flirtatious movements,
scrumptious bedroom gestures,
and tons of risqué-ness!


Lyrical Contemporary

The teller of tales through evocative pole.

Learn the artistry of lyrical and contemporary dance –
instructor to be announced soon.

Photos by Ascend Studios  https://www.ascendstudios.com.au/

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