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A FULLY-personalized online program created for you to fit your unique goals and busy schedule

Finding your authentic self? Discover your own unique style from dancing that can translate to real life

Feeling unconfident? Learn how to unleash your inner confidence in 8 weeks

Find a like-minded community that you can grow together with that genuinely holds you accountable

Pole dancing from the comfort of your own home

Pole dancing at home has never been this easy and achievable.
Looking for online pole dancing classes? We’ve got you covered.
Looking for the best dance pole for home use? We’re here to help you.
We understand that you are your own unique individual. Pole Art Vault provides the most effective pole fitness classes for beginners to intermediate level, that is catered to your own UNIQUE goals.

Benefits of pole dancing

Not only does pole dancing has great physical benefits, there are mental benefits as well.
When you take up pole dancing as a form of fitness, you can expect:

To gain strength

To achieve flexibility

To improve your cardiovascular health

Releasing built-up stress

Weight loss

To improve both mental and physical confidence

Expressing your individual style through dance

Find a like-minded community

Personalized coaching program

We understand that life can get very busy. With Pole Art Vault by your side, you can opt for the most efficient online pole dancing classes in Sydney. Our expert trainers can provide you a tailored program on how to start, hold you accountable every week, and ways to stay motivated and hold your hand along your pole journey.
If you were searching for studios to learn pole dancing near me, we’re here to guide you through each step of the way at the Pole Art Vault – from the comfort of your own home!

POLE ART VAULT – Online Pole Fitness Dancing Classes For Beginners & Intermediates in Sydney

● Do you yearn to discover a unique style of pole fitness dancing which translates to your life and helps you find the real YOU and your confidence?

● Are you looking for fully tailored and fun online pole dancing classes in Sydney to fit your unique goals and busy schedule?

● Moreover, do you wish to become a part of a jovial and enjoyable community which thrives as one and helps you release your inner confidence?


Then POLE ART VAULTUnderstands that YOU are your own unique individual….

As our means to fulfill your needs for best pole dancing fitness classes in Sydney; we offer you effective pole dancing instructor courses both for beginners and for intermediate levels.


You can practice and learn from our fun and fitness-centric pole dancing classes right from the comfort of your home.

Pole Dancing Has Never Been This FUN, EASY & ACHIEVABLE…!

POLE ART VAULT; as your best dance pole classes for home use strives to make your experience very enjoyable. Not to forget, our highly effective and fun pole dancing lessons online ranging from beginner level to intermediary level includes plenty of physical and mental benefits.

Personalized Pole Dancing Classes In Sydney

Our unique is tailored according to your specific needs for 8-weeks. And every week; our tailored pole dancing training will hold you accountable along with providing tips and suggestions on how to stay motivated and hold your hand right along your pole journey.

We know for a fact that life can get extremely busy and very rarely leave you with the luxury of time to indulge yourself in something exciting, fun and meaningful. But, we believe that making time for yourself and your physical and mental health is a necessity.To help you vent out your stress and keep yourself physically fit ; our well-crafted pole fitness classes for beginners is the perfect medium.

A Sneak Peek Into The Perks Of Our Pole Dancing Fitness Classes in Sydney

For those who have never done this before; we would recommend them to treat our unique and excitable pole dancing classes as your ideal fitness regime without any nerves. And on successfully doing so, you can expect to reap these below-mentioned physical and mental benefits:

  • Rated as one of the best personalised online pole dance studios in Sydney; you will feel like being a part of an open and understandable community
  • Our fitness dance regime will give you the perfect opportunity to release out those pent up stress and feel good about yourself from the inside
  • Our quality pole fitness dancing classes will help you stay fit , achieve inner and outer strength, impressive flexibility and improvements in your cardiovascular health
  • Most importantly; our pole dancing classes will allow you to express your authentic self,individuality and outlook through the art of dancing

Also Look At Our Different Pole Dancing Classes in Sydney

As a means to cater to the needs of all our different clients; POLE ART VAULT offers you 4 distinctive yet highly effective pole dancing classes near Sydney.

They Index As Follows –

  • Absolute beginners – add 2 existing video.
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced (Coming Soon)

Each of our pole dancing classes prices are realistic and adhere to the industry norms in Sydney. This makes it very easy to afford.

Be A Tale-Teller Through The Evocative Pole… GET IN TOUCH WITH US…!

Pole dancing is a contemporary form of art which expresses one’s confidence, eccentricism and mastery of telling an arousing tale through your individual style of expression using the pole. Plus, it is a big stress buster and fitness booster!

So, are you ready to be that charismatic, elegant, bold and confident person ; YES…? Then without procrastinating any further; you can schedule pole dance classes with us whenever you see fit.

Hop on a 20-minute discovery call with Chloé now to find out the best course fit for you and how you can achieve your unique individual goal.

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